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and Mosc properly denote the nations of Russia and Moscovy. "It is credible," says he, "that from Rhos and Mesech (that is the Rhossi and Moschi), of whom Ezekiel speaks, descended the Russians and Moscovites, nations of the greatest celebrity in European Scythia." We have, indeed, ample and positive testimony, that the Russian nation was called RWS, Ros, by the Greeks in the earliest period in which we find it mentioned, as, ]Eqno" de; oiJ Rw;" Scuvqicon, peri; to;n a]rctwon Tau`ron; that is, "the Ros are a Scythian nation, bordering on the northern Taurus." And their own historians say, "It is related that the Russians (whom the Greeks called Rwv," Ros, and sometimes Rw;so~, Rosos) derived their name from Ros, a valiant man, who delivered his nation from the yoke of their tyrants." Thus, then, we discern the modem names of Russia and of Moscow, or Moskwa, in the ancient names of Ros and Mosc, or Musc. It is not difficult to recognize in Tobl, Tubl, or Thobel, a name which naturally connects itself with them; and which, in conjunction with them, tends, in a very remarkable manner, to determine and fix the proper object of the prediction. The river Tobol gives name to the City Tobolium, or Tobolski, the metropolis of the extensive region of Siberia, lying immediately eastward of the territories of Moscovy, or Mosc. Tobol and Mosc are mentioned together by Ezekiel who characterizes them as nations trading in copper; a metal which, it is notorious, abounds in the soil of Siberia; a region which includes all the northern part of Asia which borders on Russia to the west, on the Arctic Ocean to the north, on the Pacific Ocean on the east, and on Central Asia to the south. And thus the three denominations Ros, Mosc, and Tobl, united in prophecy, point out, with equal capacity and conciseness, those widely extended regions, which, at the present day, we denominate collectively The Russian Empire. Gogue is styled the "Prince of Ros, Mosc, and Tobl," that is, Autocrat of the Russians, Moscovites, and Siberians, or of "All the Russias." But he is also styled "Gogue of the land of Magogue," as well. There is something important in this. It affirms that he is sovereign of Magogue as well as prince of all the Russias; for there, at the time of the prophecy, is his proper dominion. "Whoever

reads Ezekiel," says Michaelis, "can hardly entertain a doubt that Gogue is the name of a sovereign, and Magogue that of his people; the prophet speaks of the former, not as a people but as an Emperor." Let us, then, now inquire, where is the region styled Magogue: that we may be enabled to ascertain of what people besides the Russians Gogue will be the Emperor. And as Gomer, and Togarmah of the north quarters, are represented as being connected with him, we shall also endeavour to find out what modem nations will answer to these names.

MAGOGUE AND GOMER. We know from the Hebrew scriptures that Magogue and Gomer were the names of the two sons of Japheth: and it is to ancient Hebrew authority alone that we can resort to learn where, according to the common repute of the Israelites, the nations which descended from these two heads of families, and which long retained the proper names of those heads, were spread and established. Josephus says, "that Japhet, the son of Noah, had seven sons; who, proceeding from their primitive seats in the mountains of Taurus and Amanus, ascended Asia to the river Tanais (or Don); and there entering Europe, penetrated as far westward as the Straits of Gibraltar, occupying the lands which they successively

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