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men. Chrodinus rejected the honour proffered to him, saying, ‘I am unable to establish peace in Austrasia, for all the nobles and gentry of Austrasia are allied to me by blood; and I have not the power of enforcing discipline amongst them, or of taking away the life of any man. They will all rise against me, to follow their own superstitions; and God forbid, that their actions should draw me into the condemnation of hell. Choose ye, therefore, from among yourselves whom ye may approve.'

"When they could find no one they chose Gogue, the tutor of the prince, by the advice of Chrodinus, to be Major Domus Regić. And on the following morning Chrodinus repaired the first to the dwelling of Gogue, and placed his arm upon his neck; which the rest perceiving, they all followed his example. And thus was the government of Gogue prosperous; until he brought Brunechildis out of Spain. But she soon rendered him odious to Sigebert, who, by her instigation, put him to death."

The high authority of Gogue while he held the reins of the Austrasian Government, is strongly marked in the complimentary poems addressed to him by Fortunatus, Bishop of Poitiers, a distinguished poet of that age; from one of which the following passage, translated from the Latin, may be worthy of selection, on account of its geographical references, so remarkably connecting the proper name of Gogue with the Rhenish section of Magogue.

To Gogue Himself.

Ye clouds whose course the northern winds impel,

Of my lov'd Gogue some grateful tidings tell!

Say, with what health his valued life is blest;

What peaceful cares engage his tranquil breast.

If on the banks of Rhine awhile he stay,

Where the rich salmon yields itself a prey.

Or where Moselle through vineyards guides her stream,

While gentle breezes cool the sultry gleam,

Or flowing waters mitigate the heat

And with fresh waves the bowery margins greet.

Or where the Meuse in murmurs soft is heard,

Mid threefold wealth, of vessel, fish, and bird.

Or where the Aisne through grassy banks is borne,

Whose waters nourish pasturage and corn.

Or if by Oise, by Sare, by Cher, or Scheld,

Somme, Sambre, Saur, the loitering Chief beheld,

Or when the Seille, with mouth expanded,

laves Metz' stately bulwarks with her copious waves.

Or if in forest shades he seeks his prey,

With toil, or spear, to capture, or to slay.

Or if on Ardenne's wild, or Vosge's height.

The echoing woods resound his arrow's flight.

Or if, return'd beneath his princely dome,

Their lord, a zealous people welcome home.

Of the origin, or family, of Gogue, the first Maire du Palais, or Dux Francorum, of the kingdom of Austrasia, no mention is made in history; but it is plainly to be collected from the words of Chrodinus, that he had no consanguinity with either the nobles or the gentry -- the "primates," or "liberi," of that kingdom; and it seems equally implied in the words of Fredegarius, that he was not a native of the kingdom, since he was elected to his dignity because the Austrasians could find no one among themselves. Thus, it is evident that Gogue is an historical character, and that he was Regent of a part of Magogue. Now, it is probable that, because of certain peculiarities in his history in relation to Magogue, God selected his name as the prophetic title of one who should rule over the same country in "the time

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